Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Screaming Skull

Well, it's probably not screaming, to be honest- but it does look a little bit fed up, doesn't it?  I know how it feels.  I had a couple of T-shirts made up with it on, only to find that they'll ship too late for me to show them off at the Bristol Expo grrrrr....

Then I decided to use it as my profile pic- only to find that for some reason, it doesn't embiggen* when you click on it.

It's obviously cursed.

*frighteningly technical term.


Conor said...

That would look superb on a t-shirt! Let us know if/when you start selling them.

Matt Timson said...

Cheers! Technically, I'm selling them now- but I'm going to wait and see what mine looks like before I inflict them on the rest of the world!