Friday, 24 December 2010

Zen. Again.

Slightly less phallic looking design. Although not much less.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

LogicEngine: Zen

This is my first sketch for Zen, one of the characters in LogicEngine.  I think that head needs to be a lot smaller.

Bill Mantlo benefit book- ROM artwork auction

Remember that really grim Rom piece from last year?

Well, the book still isn't out yet- but one-off prints of all the artwork are currently up for sale on Ebay- so dig deep, ROM fans!

All prints for sale

The best of the lot. Obviously. BID NOW!

For all three of you that didn't know, Bill Mantlo, the writer of ROM, was injured in a hit and run accident in 1992 and has needed constant care ever since.

It's for a good cause, so I don't even care if you set fire to it afterwards or anything- just please bid on a piece now.



Friday, 17 December 2010


I've been waiting in for a delivery for two days now.  Two days!  I'm frightened to so much as go to the loo in case I miss it...

Friday, 10 December 2010

Time wasting fun

I rather foolishly downloaded the latest driver for my Cintq last night.  Error.  Have since spent the morning trying to get rid of it as Manga studio's been a bit glitchy ever since and Painter IX refuses to open.  Fortunately, I can still use Painter XI (I just prefer IX), as I was unable to get my old driver to work.

Morning wasted- so I thought I'd treat myself to some drawing therapy and allowed this doodle to get out of hand.

Daredevil- as brought to you by Manga Studio, Painter and Photoshop.  And tears of frustration and rage, of course.

I need a nice cup of tea...