Sunday, 12 April 2009

Impaler #5 cover

Yes, it's an absolute flurry of posts this weekend. People everywhere are wetting themselves with excitement. "Will he post again?!? I can't stand it! Oh my God- he's posted something else! Somebody call Reuters!"


I have to admit, I really like this one. It's based on the variant cover of Vlad that I did for the first issue (you know- the one I accidently did for free. Yes, it still burns). What I particularly liked about it, apart from the simplicity, was that it didn't take me very long- which ultimately leaves me with more time on my hands to tell the story. Not that I have anything like time on my hands, of course.

I've tried to go for a simple, understated pic for all of the covers so far, but I've been talked into pushing the boat out for #6. I've got a couple of great ideas in mind that will be a bit of a departure from the covers seen so far.

I hope I haven't bigged myself up too much now...

Happy Easter, by the way. I've been on my own all week, so had to buy my own Easter Egg, which I will be scoffing down shortly. I'm also praying that the good Lord allows my local pizza place to open today as I'm bloody starving, but can't face cooking for myself again. That and the fact that I've yet to wash up any of the pots I've been using and there's nothing left to cook with.

Mrs T will be back sometime tomorrow, but I don't think I can wait that long. My only other option is McDonalds- but do I really want to do that to myself? One 'meal' is never enough and the temptation to buy two is almost overwhelming when you're on your own- but these things never end well. I owe it to my bowels to either cook something or get a pizza.

Please let the pizza place be open...

Impaler #4 cover

I actually did this ages ago, but just never got around to posting it (big surprise there, I'm sure)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Andi Ewington's '45'

"Forty-Five is a series of superhero interviews documented by James Stanley. As a soon-to-be-father, James wants to find out what lies in store for his family if his unborn child turns out to have a super power. It features forty five different industry artists, all having just one page to capture the essence of each interview."

Published by Com.X, 45 is written by Andi Ewington and features some seriously cool artists and absolutely gorgeous artwork. I laid out the roughs for my page (about a super-speedster called Zip) months ago, but just haven't had the time to draw it up yet! I know, I know- it's only one page- but there's a lot on it!

More info can be found here:

Impaler #3 Cover

This wasn't the original cover- but what looked great as a rough looked blummin' 'orrible once it was drawn up! It was tweaked over and over until, finally, I snapped and drew something completely different- which was only ever going to be a good thing, believe me.

If I ever get over the intense feelings of anguish and despair that the original provoked in me, I might post it so that people can point and laugh...