Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Andi Ewington's '45'

"Forty-Five is a series of superhero interviews documented by James Stanley. As a soon-to-be-father, James wants to find out what lies in store for his family if his unborn child turns out to have a super power. It features forty five different industry artists, all having just one page to capture the essence of each interview."

Published by Com.X, 45 is written by Andi Ewington and features some seriously cool artists and absolutely gorgeous artwork. I laid out the roughs for my page (about a super-speedster called Zip) months ago, but just haven't had the time to draw it up yet! I know, I know- it's only one page- but there's a lot on it!

More info can be found here:


Anonymous said...

Come on Timson - finish it! :-D

Matt Timson said...

I knew it! It's you that's been following me in that black car with the tinted windows, isn't it? ISN'T IT?!?


Anonymous said...

It's not the blacked out car you've got to watch, it's the sniper on the roof :-P

Nah seriously - not a prob, know you're busy...