Friday, 4 June 2010

In an alternate universe, I draw cartoons...

It's true.  Once a month, I change places with my doppleganger and he draws a bike themed cartoon for Cycling Plus magazine.  I don't usually post them because I assume that people are more interested in my comic work- but I quite like some of them:

As it goes, I might be switching places with my doppelganger on a permanent basis pretty soon.  If so, he will be drawing cartoons, while I will occasionally pop back and draw comic covers, rather than sequentials.  I hear his universe is pretty funky, actually.  Elvis is alive and well, nobody has ever heard of Simon Cowell and personal rocket belts were invented quite some time ago.

Unfortunately, skinny jeans are also in fashion over there as well- but you can't have everything.

More cartoons here.


Isaac_Lenkiewicz said...

The first time I found your work was in some mens magazine. A homeless man had stolen it from a shop in temple meads station and sold it to me for a pound.

I was like 'what the HELL is this? this is amazing!'

I think you'd illustrated an article about student life or something, or just drinking?

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that I very much enjoy your editorial stuff.

Matt Timson said...

Thanks, Isaac- that sounds like it might have been something I did for Front Magazine- maybe six years ago?

Either way, I've done some of my favourite work for editorial, so I'm glad you like it. Unfortunately, various computer deaths and shoddy backing up techniques means that I've lost a lot of it now.

One day, I'd like to be able to commit to a larger project in the same style, but for now, it's just one-off pics.