Monday, 25 May 2009

45 WIP

Don't panic, Andi- I've done a bit more than this! It's actually the backdrop to the rest of the page, which means that most of it will be covered up by other panels- so I thought it might be worth showing it off before that happens.

If it looks a bit familiar, it's because I was inspired by a pic of the Flash I did ages ago.

Come to think of it, that Flash pic was a direct lift of another super speeder I did (Mike Carroll's Quantum)- so it's officially been around the block a bit! Needless to say, this latest version is my favourite...


PJ Holden said...

Blimey, you don't like to let any of the Buffalo go to waste :)

(ps as ever, supoib!)

Matt Timson said...

Heh... The first two were pretty much for fun, so this is the one that counts!

That and the fact that it's just loads better, of course.


Anonymous said...

I feel recycled! :-D

ben oliver said...

Hey Matt - lovely stuff.
The Impaler pages are great too - how long does each page take? Really nice techniques you have going on.....

Matt Timson said...

Cheers- I'm actually a horribly big fan of your stuff- so I'm now puffing up my chest with pride.


How long it takes can vary on many things (not least of which are my apathy levels), but usually around two days from start to finish. Assuming I can stay off the internet and not get sidetracked by anything else, that is.

Obviously, some pages take longer (hello, screaming vampire hordes Vs the US army- I'm looking at YOU) and others go a little more quickly- but overall, I'm averaging around three pages a week.