Monday, 17 November 2008

So it turns out that I'm actually the worst blogger in the world.  Sorry about that.

Anyway- here's a couple of pages from the second issue of Impaler, which I'm still working on.  I'm really enjoying it, but I'm finding it difficult to say, "this page is done", and seem to spend a lot more time on each one than is strictly necessary.

I spent a week trying to work in a way that I thought would be a bit more productive (i.e. faster), but turned out such a load of horrible dirge that I thought it might even make my eyes bleed.  I immediately purged the offending material from my HD and have made a mental note that shortcuts nearly always take longer and look crap.

I also got roped into drawing a couple of pages for the Darkness #75 (that's the Top Cow comic, as opposed to the slightly rubbish band of the same name).  I've been trying to load a page for people to look at, but Blogger's having none of it.  Rubbish Blogger!

Anyway- I'm off to make some beans on toast now.  Don't forget to come back in three months for another exciting installment of One Man And His Blog.